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What Do Hospitalists Do?

We Provide Patient-Centered Hospital Care

When your patient needs to stay overnight at a hospital or visit the intensive care unit, we provide them with reliable hospital care. We also handle routine outpatient hospital visits after a hospital stay, which can range in length from five minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the patient. Feel secure knowing your patients are in good hands with personalized clinical care from TBIM Hospitalists. 

Better Patient Outcomes

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous, around the clock monitoring of critically ill patients helps avoid complications

Shorter Stays

Expedited tests and consults are just a few of the ways we are able to discharge patients as soon as they are ready

Higher Satisfaction

Inpatients who receive care from hospitalists report higher levels of satisfaction with the quality of care1

Smooth Transitions

Our relationships with nursing and rehabilitation centers ensure smooth transitions between care facilities

24/7 Monitoring

Shorter Stays

Higher Satisfaction

Smooth Transitions

Why Choose TBIM?

Unparalleled expertise

Our hospitalists draw on over 100 years of combined clinical experience in every major hospital in the Tampa area.

Seamless transitions

We work closely with patients’ PCPs to ensure continuity between inpatient and ambulatory settings

We love what we do

We try hard to make our patients’ hospital stay as brief and stress-free as possible. We love seeing our patients improve, get better, and move home.

Invested in longitudinal care

Our patient-centered approach helps reduce readmissions, improving patient flow and smoothing transitions in care.

Our Service Area

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We work at every major hospital, nursing center, and rehabilitation center in the Tampa area, ensuring smooth transitions between health care settings for your patients. With TBIM taking good care of your inpatients, you can grow your practice without sacrificing quality of care.